A walk in the hills of Granada

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Like every year, on the last weekend of the year, we organized a walk with all the dogs from the shelter. This is incredibly fun for them and helps them socialize with other dogs and humans as well as helping to change their daily routine.

It was incredible to see how everyone enjoyed the event. On behalf of the team we thank everyone who showed up and helped us make a special day for the doggies. Today they are extra happy and calm.

Join us. Participate in our project.

If you live far away don't worry, there are so many ways to help!

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Either through rescue missions or social media, which also serve as a platform for many asking for help, Animal Rescue Granada helps to re-home several dogs and cats and other animals everyday.

Some cases go directly from rescue to home, or are relocated from home to home. More difficult cases are rescue missions which many times need dogs to go to temporary foster care for special recovery before they can get adopted or go to the shelter.

Many rescue missions are emergencies, where dogs are in imminent danger and need to be taken to the shelter or a foster, where they are safe. This is also an important reason to find adoption as soon as possible in order to have enough space in the shelter.


We are a certified association in Spain nr. G19580257 operating not-for-profit.


Address: just outside the city of Granada

Contact us: granadaanimalrescue (at) gmail.com